Organized mess!!

12 things to decorate on a rainy day like this!
  • 12 cup cakes
  • Butter icing
  • tube icing things
  • Hundreds and Thousands (sprinkles)
  1. Spread the butter icing onto all the cup cakes evenly with a palette knife (if the icing is sticking to the knife, get some boiling/hot water in a mug and dip the knife in before spreading).
  2. Draw your pattern/ design with the icing tubes on to your cakes.
  3. Then one by one place them on a plate and sprinkle the hundreds and thousands on top.
  4. Then carefully pickup the cup cake and turn ti sideways to shake off any extra sprinkles.
  5. You may only want half the design sprinkled! if so tube half the pattern and sprinkle then tube the rest.
That’s it all done and any unused sprinkles you can put back in the container from the plate! yum xox

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