Baby Showers!

Baby Shower Cake!!!!!!!

I made this cake for my friends Birthday Shower a few weeks ago and she really liked it


  • 1 6inch Cake
  • 1 Packet of white roll out icing
  • Blue food colouring
  • 500g butter icing
  • A jar of Hartley’s raspberry jam
  • A cot to go on top

  1. Get a cake ready
  2. Make sure your butter icing is soft enough to spread!
     3. Lay all the ingredients out with your equipment

4. Slice the cake in half and spread butter icing on one half.

5. Now take the jar of jam and place it in the      microwave on 800w for 20 seconds or until soft.

     6. When you take it out the microwave be careful because it is hot! I didn’t know that the first time and
take my word for it “it hurts!!”

     7. Take the jam and spread it on the other half of the cake!

8. Swiftly flip the bottom on top of the cake so the base is now at the top and ice it using the roll out icing.

9. After that take the left over icing and the blue food colouring and dye the icing a baby blue. Now using cutters cut out A BOY and place it on the cake

    10.then place the cot in the middle and press down – not too hard of you’ll put a dent in the cake.

11. Mold a cat and some building blocks out of the blue icing and place on the cake.

    12. Then take the blue icing and cut out stars. hearts, circles and triangles then put them around the edge of the cake. (stick on with water)
Ta Da! x

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