Car Boot Sale!

Well I tried to sell my cup cakes at this car boot sale however less than 30 people showed up so I was very disappointed. 😦 Ah well I’ll try again some other day 😀 this time I wont make 200 cakes! I only sold like 80 something. I sold the leftover cakes in church the next day and raised £100 for The British Missionary Society, yay x here are some pics on the day.

Setting up at 7:30! I woke up at 5:45!
The bags that we packaged my cakes in. Multicoloured!
All set up and ready to go 😀
My auntie let me borrow her afternoon tea tray thing I think it’s so cute!
This was the cup cake stand I was given by my cousin and her family at Christmas x
These are chocolate and chocolate chip cakes I made and sold for 10p more.
This is how I packaged my cakes for 20p more so you could take them home, I also used boxes of four.
We made bunting to attract attention to our stall!
Overall it was really fun but if I was to do it again I would go to a car boot sale that is well known or wait to get my sellers licence, which I can get at Christmas when I turn 16! Wooooo x
Thanks for reading and share my blog 😀