Pudsey bear!

I have currently been working on 4 cake projects and just the other day I baked 100 cakes in pudsey cases so here they are (un-iced)!


Tea and Cake!

Last week I had tea and cake with my aunties! (well 2 out of 6) My aunt Ena (right) and aunt Marg (left). Her are some pics of what we got up to xx

My favourite part of this picture is the bunting (we have no other so i used this!)

Both enjoying their sandwiches!
My luxury sandwiches! Including PRAWN! CUCUMBER! CHEESE! and…


I love this tea pot.

Aunt Ena demonstrating how you can have you cake and eat it (left, cake. right, empty plate)!


Halloween! BOO!!!

Rawwww! Scared? NO? Alright then, ha, I’ve been busy making some spooky cakes Ghosts, Bats, Halloween sprinkles and sold them in school today!! 😛 so that was fun all 24 went by lunch, ha xx


  • 12 chocolate cupcakes
  • 12 plain cupcakes
  • 350g chocolate butter icing (100g butter, 200g icing sugar, 50g coco powder)
  • Ready-to-Roll icing a lot of white and some black
  • a pack of black and red sprinkles.
Method-bat cakes
  1. Ice the plain cakes in the chocolate icing.
  2. Using a plate pour the sprinkles on and dip 6 plain cakes into the sprinkles covering the entire top. DONE!
  3. Still using the plate take the other 6 plain cakes and dip the edges in.
  4. Roll out most of the black icing and cut out 6 bat shapes with a sharp knife.
  5. Place the bats in the middle of each cake, DONE!
Method-Ghosts and ghouls
  1. Using a sharp knife cut out the middle or the chocolate cup cakes.
  2. Place a dollop of chocolate icing in the middle of the cakes and then place the middle of the cake on top.
  3. then roll out the white icing and count large circles (just enough to cover the cake) do this for all 12 cakes.
  4. Put a small blob of icing on the top of each cake and cover with icing circle, shape with hands.
  5. Now make small eyes from the leftover black icing and -using water- place them on the ghosts. DONE!!!!!!!
Woo 😀

Shuttlecock cakes!

These are my first attempts at shuttlecock cakes! However there not that good so I’m sorry for the poor standard of decoration. I did my best with the resources given. No excuses Holly!! Ha oh well here is my poor attempt to create a shuttlecock,



Ta da-ish!

Here is how I made them so tell me if you can do better and send me the photo’s, I’ll put the best ones up on the blog.


  • 12 Mini cupcakes
  • 12 normal sized cupcakes
  • Icing made with egg white and icing sugar.
  • 12 white marshmallows
  • 1 red non-toxic marker/ pen


  1. Take the icing and pipe 140 feathers (thick) onto greased baking paper and leave for 6 hours to dry.
  2. After 6 hours get the cupcakes and remove the cases carefully then with butter icing join the mini-cakes to the normal-cakes.
  3. Coat the new double cakes in butter icing and attach the feathers.
  4. Take the marshmallows and draw lines around the bottom with the marker/ pen. Then place them on top with more butter icing!
  5. Place a digestive biscuit on the bottom and your done!
Happy Baking xx