Shuttlecock cakes!

These are my first attempts at shuttlecock cakes! However there not that good so I’m sorry for the poor standard of decoration. I did my best with the resources given. No excuses Holly!! Ha oh well here is my poor attempt to create a shuttlecock,



Ta da-ish!

Here is how I made them so tell me if you can do better and send me the photo’s, I’ll put the best ones up on the blog.


  • 12 Mini cupcakes
  • 12 normal sized cupcakes
  • Icing made with egg white and icing sugar.
  • 12 white marshmallows
  • 1 red non-toxic marker/ pen


  1. Take the icing and pipe 140 feathers (thick) onto greased baking paper and leave for 6 hours to dry.
  2. After 6 hours get the cupcakes and remove the cases carefully then with butter icing join the mini-cakes to the normal-cakes.
  3. Coat the new double cakes in butter icing and attach the feathers.
  4. Take the marshmallows and draw lines around the bottom with the marker/ pen. Then place them on top with more butter icing!
  5. Place a digestive biscuit on the bottom and your done!
Happy Baking xx

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