Hey guys!

GCSE’s are OVER!!!! WOOOOOP!! Finally! I’ve been on holiday to Hong Kong and Thailand, so some really good experiences this year! The Olympics is coming up VERY soon XD and I’m going down to London to enjoy the Olympic spirit! Yeah! You can tell how excited I am with all the !!!!!! 😛 So I thought you may like to see some holiday pics… enjoy!!

 Mum at the light show in HK harbour
 the IFC + the apple store!!
 HK skyline x
 light show!!!
 Ferry trip 😛
 IFC 😀
 The GIANT escalator
 fancy dress market O.o
 HK from the hill!
 The view from our apartment! LOL JK from the top of the peak.
 The peak!
 More of the peak!
 A wedding at the peak!
 self explanatory!
 HK beach/ Harbour
 me at the beach! “say WHAT?!”
 My Aunties and I enjoying our welcome gifts, landing in Koh Samui x ❤
 A flower bracelet, a cool towel and a weird coconut drink :/
 The mummified monk
 Aww cute elephant
 Me feeding an elephant a mini banana 😛
 Waterfall No. 2
 same waterfall as before (we didn’t visit No. 1)
 More market stalls!
 Fresh fish…
 Right next to the sea 😀
 the Big Buddha from afar.
 The big Buddha from not so far.
 Mum on the steps down from the big Buddha
 A smaller happier Buddha
 The telephone wires in Koh Samui!
 Our Thai cookery lesson 😛
What we made 😛
I hope this little insite to our holiday was fun more cakes coming soon!!

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