Weekend Hunt…


Here are my art deco tour pic’s from London this weekend. I went down to visit a university open day and decided to gain some first hand observations for my 1920’s textile project, for the section on architecture (and some fashion). I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, got to go to the NFL Rally in trafalgar square on Saturday and 49ers won on Sunday!! YEAH!! I also ate a chilli dog (for the first time) and oh my days it was good!!! Had a great week / weekend now back to school in the morning. 😦
xox Much love Holly xox


Quick Sketch

Some quick free hand sketches, I used crayons, biro and fine liners (and some tipp-ex) It was quite challenging to draw without being able to rub out anything. They aren’t amazing but it did really help my figure drawing πŸ™‚
xox Much love Holly xox

Christmas Fairy

This is a photograph of me when I was little-ish. I really like it because my Dad took it and it reminds me of Christmas when I went to sleep early so St Nicholas would come, and I’d wake up to a full stocking at the end of my bed. So seeing as my current project is on ballet; I thought it appropriate to draw me. Then I decided to do another with ink as well πŸ™‚ Thinking about it now, I can’t remember the photo being taken, but I am sitting here typing this in the same place! Hope you like my little sketches xx
xox Much love Holly xox

Shopping trip!

Just popped into Claire’s Accessories this morning and found an offer I just couldn’t resist. Any 10 items for Β£10!! I spent at least an hour routing for the good stuff πŸ™‚ haha. So I ended up buying Β£48.50 worth of items for just Β£10!!! there is:
3 indi-necklaces
Nail pearl manicure set
Black matt sparkle nail wraps
Spiked hair chain
Oval bird glass ring
flower bobble
Eiffel tower in a bottle necklace
blue bow button purse
Geek glasses necklace
and a
Hedgehog note book
Β All in all a good day…
xox Much love Holly xox

Pop Art Disney shoes




Just got the ‘happily ever after’Β to paint next to the silhouette.
This was a birthday present for my friend, I bought some plain white shoes from Primark, then painted them with acrylics from Home Bargains and glitter nail varnish to add sparkle to the shooting star over the disney castle. It took me a few afternoons, but it was worth it!
xox Much love Holly xox




This is a cake I made for my friends 18th in September
As you can see it is a Minion from ‘Despicable Me’… πŸ˜€ I think I was more excited to make the cake than she was to eat it! Haha!! It’s just a simple victoria sponge underneath and ready to roll icing (fondant) on top, filled with two layers of strawberry jam (jelly) and buttercream.
xox Much love Holly xox

Paris Dreams

Hi, just to get started here is a little illustration I did last year.
The initial pencil drawing…

This was for my bedroom, I wanted a Paris wall so I just borrowed a projector and drew around a picture of the Eiffel Tower, then painted in the lines. Simple really πŸ™‚
xox Much love Holly xox