21st Birthday Cake


This hand piped border surrounded the entire 9″ cake! (my hands hurt afterward)




I did change the plaque afterward to a more fancy and neater version; this took an extra 30mins… I started the cake at 7:00pm and finished at 4:30am , I was VERY tired!! So tired I accidentally slept in the next morning and missed two of my lessons in sixth-form… Oops! (I gave the teacher cake and she forgave me) 😛 The colours of this cake remind me of tiffany, I like the shade of blue. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have to balance school, volunteering, work, Youth Parliament and U.C.A.S applications!
xox Much love Holly xox

Simon Crofts Photography

This is my interpretation of the photograph taken by Simon Crofts. I love his ballet photography, the way he captured behind the scenes; the excitement and beauty of ballet as well as the hard work and determination of the ballerina’s. He also takes really pretty pictures 😛 Anyway… I just started my new job but will still be posting, if I stop doing school work my teachers (and my Mum) will kill me!! Have a great week guys!!
xox Much love Holly xox

Pumpkin Carving

He’s gonna eat the pumpkin doughnut!!

Happy Halloween-ish 🙂 I don’t celebrate halloween but I just couldn’t resist some creativity carving and baking, haha. I wanted to carve a pumpkin but I never know what to do with the leftover vegetable; my mum always makes pumpkin pie or soup but I thought lets try something new… I made pumpkin doughnuts!!! And they tasted really good (if I say so myself); they tasted a bit like carrot cake but pumpkin and doughnutty 😉 So a good first week back and lots of work to do today! Still writing about Degas and sketching away, look out for a future Degas post. Have a GREAT week!!!
xox Much love Holly xox