I Remember

This week we looked at the works of Joe Brainard and his ‘I remember’ book.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 13.21.47

We were read a few of his little, erm ‘poems’? [I guess]. Then we used the way he wrote mini memories to write our own about the recent visits to the museums. With our newly formed remembrances, we then (of course) illustrated them in a small paper book. A mini book for our mini memories!

IMG_8426 IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8429 IMG_8431

The first and last page where illustrated with my opposite hand, and we were very time constricted! Though it was good fun making our own little books and discovering you can annotate in more creative ways. Loved it!

* The memories that didn’t make the book*

I remember the beautiful cinema chairs in the Museum of London.

I remember climbing a lot, and I mean A LOT of stairs

I remember spilling my coffee on my drawing – the Dodo one!!!

I remember the amazing architecture of the ancient museum buildings


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