Fluid Exploration – Ideas

fluidexpA1-15I’m almost 3 weeks in, on my 2nd year of Illustration and visual media at LCC. First day back was, as expected, busy, a new project was given and we had till thursday to produce 12 A1 pieces, full of IDEAS. Turns out I’m not so good at coming up with Ideas when I don’t get to choose the subject, or have a goal in mind… We were given 4 stickers each, of different ‘objects’ for us to then research and generate ideas for/ interests in/ story’s about etc.

Mine where: A Bubble Gum Machine, A Signed Mills and Boon Paperback, Oxygen, and An Air Raid Shelter. This is what I managed to come up with >>

Bubble Gum Machine

fluidexpA1-26 fluidexpA1-04 fluidexpA1-27

fluidexpA1-21 fluidexpA1-20 fluidexpA1-19 fluidexpA1-17 fluidexpA1-18

A Signed Mills and Boon Paperback (hated this one)








I drew this on acetate so I had to photograph it at an angle to avoid the lights reflection

fluidexpA1-12 fluidexpA1-14 fluidexpA1-13 fluidexpA1-11

An Air Raid Shelter

fluidexpA1-01 fluidexpA1-03 fluidexpA1-02 fluidexpA1-25 fluidexpA1-24 fluidexpA1-23 fluidexpA1-22

This Last one ended up being my project, though I LOVE the first ‘Bubble Gum Machine’ one ❤

xox Much love Holly xox



  1. I am a follower and am entering this contest in the hope of winning a copy for my 89 year old MIL who has read all the books in this se.Sesriomething that drives me crazy are the same stories and jokes that are retold again and again. And one thing I love is the way we all enjoy laughing together. Oops, does that mean that what I love and what makes me crazy are the same thing? Could be. lolThanks,Donna


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