Christmas Nails


After having a lovely get together with some friends yesterday, I noticed they had christmas nails, and that I had neglected my nails since finishing my last project for UNI. I happened to have been looking through pinterest at nail designs anyway, so I’ve chosen my favourite look you can recreate for under Β£12! Or free because you will probably have all of these colours ready.


[From Pinterest]

To get the look you will need


  1. Black Nail Varnish – I used Kiko because it was on sale XD
  2. Matte Top Coat – I used Barry M because I love their affordable nail paint, they always last ages and don’t chip that easily!
  3. Gold Glitter Varnish – Any glitter will do, this was a freebie in a Boots offer #win
  4. Masking Tape – for the triangles ❀


To begin paint a thin layer of varnish on to each nail. This should make it less likely to all peel off in one go, and last longer.


Once dry, paint a normal second coat. Leave to dry.


Then paint one layer of Matte on top. (If you have a Matte Black Varnish just use this and save time – obvs)

I leave this varnish to set over night, just to make sure it’s definitely dry before using the tape!  

The next morning, clean around the edges (I’m a messy nail painter). You can clean them by running your hands under warm water and scratching the excess varnish off your skin even while your in the shower! 


Now, take some tape just over a nail length, and rip it in half.


So you have two strait edges. Place it in the centre and flatten along the nail. Making sure it is solid, so no varnish will seep through.


In a triangular shape


Cover all the nails… Making super sure they are secure and seep proof!


Using the gold, paint in the triangle, just thick enough that the black doesn’t show through.


Leave for a mo, then carefully peel off the tape… 



Leave to fully dry then go celebrate!! It’s Christmas πŸ™‚


❀ ❀ ❀

xox Much love Holly xox


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