Future Scenarios

This was my first week back to UNI after christmas, meaning my first week of a new study in Forecasting Futures! So exciting 🙂 I can’t wait to learn all about new trends, time, data and design futures.

On Tuesday we where introduced to 4 P’s…

Possible futures – anything you can possibly imagine! No limitations, all of the future is within this. E.g. I forecast that unicorns will come from mars and decide to steal all of our daisies :O .

Plausible futures – sensible ones of the possible futures, so not unicorns 😦 . E.g. I forecast that people will eventually go to mars. :\

Probable future – the most likely of the plausible futures to happen, based on our current situation. E.g. I forecast that we will send more things into space. 🙂

Preferable future – the best/ favourite plausible future. The one we would like to happen. E.g. I forecast a space craft that uses less fuel.

So I have to think of 5 possible, 3 plausible, 1 probable and 1 preferable future scenario/ wild card for different themes.

  • Wearable tech


  • Air travel


  • Computer games


  • Books/ Reading


  • Grocery shopping


 I decided to do a mind map for each one because it was the easiest way for me to work. Took me back to revising for GCSEs !! 😭 I was okay with the first two, then you can see my imagination dwindle towards the end 😀 shame! Though I’m sure I’ll have no problem explaining the different types of futures, I’ve written them out so many times… Hope you enjoy my silly scenarios (a few serious probables too).

xox Much love Holly xox


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