My church (in London) has a floral arrangement every week, and people volunteer their arranging skills to take turns organising the flowers. I volunteered myself lately, so I thought I’d get a practice in, as I’ve only helped my Sister once and never properly done it before. Here’s my simple flower arrangement using Marks and Spencer flowers.


Considering this was Marks and Spencer, 3 of the 9 pink flower heads fell off!!! 3!!!


Water soaked oasis block, of which I think I soaked too much, some of the flowers where too heavy for it. I recommend you don’t leave any water in the base till after the arranging.


Mainly in any form of design this is a rule, however rules like these can be broken, just make sure it’s done with style.


And some thick greenary, like big leaves etc…

IMG_7045 copy

Hope you like!

These photo’s are mainly from my snapchat @illustratedbake

xox Much love Holly xox


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