Pilgimage Evaluation

To further this project I intend to create an instillation, where people can experience the pilgrimage by watching my instastories in a video with commentary, kind of like an instagram doccumetary. This will be presented on an iPhone (or similar sized screen) with headphones to listen, and people will watch the videos whilst kneeling on a prayer cushion embroiderd with all of the emojies used in the film, in chronological order. A church kneeler that tells the story of my pilgrimage in emojies!

I found this project difficult in many ways, physically and mentally. My feet are still healing from the walk (3/4 days I had constant pain in my feet. Boots ibuprofin doesnt work!). Then afterwards trying to explain what had happened and how best to represent it. They are the things I found most challenging.

I wanted to share the values and lessons I learnt on my walk and convey my experience. However it wasn’t a play, or a written story; it was my life, I lived it. Which means I experienced the whole 78 hours, to condense it was very difficult indeed. I had to be very strict, and in a way perform the narration so the audience could grasp how I felt at the time. There are a lot of vivid memories I had to cut out and many small stories, however, I had to make harsh decisions and only leave the most interesting and important anecdotes in to acompany my instastory footage.


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