Pilgrimage Outcome


The Film

This is my second edit of the Pilgimage film.

Originally I thought it could be displayed in 4 different areas of an exhibition, making the viewer travel to watch each day of my pligrimage. I know I need to edit down the sections to cut down the viewing time as I appreciate that the genral public (due to social media etc) have a short attention span. However, the videos are long to begin with becuse that also reflects my journey; I spent 4 days walking alone to reach a destination, it was similar to the saying, a watched kettle never boils, as I kept counting down the miles on google maps, each day was long and slow. My speed depended on how fast I could walk and I have not trained for this. I jumped in completely blind to see what I may discover.

My outcome (other than the pilgrimage itself) is an instastory reflection of my jouney. All of the videos and photographs, other than the selfie commentary, are images I published live on instagram throughout my journey. I feel this form of documentation, curated with emoji’s is fitting for a fresh, moden-day pilgrimage. What made this journey special was that I took all of the old concepts of a pilgrimage, walking, staying in local houses, navigating the map, keeping a diary of the journey to tell friends when home, and used all modern techniques. Obviously walking is still the same, I used AirBnB and stayed in local houses, Google Maps to navigate my way and my Instastory diary.

To take this futher I will edit down the individual videos and piece them together on one screen so each day syncs together with roughly one talking piece, one moving image, a still image and an emoji. Hopefully the split screen will make the film more interesting to watch and listen to. For presentation I would make the screen low down with a church kneeler (prayer cushion) to be used to watch the story referencing the aim of a pilgrimage in the first place, to journey to a holy place. I hope people can take away something from my journey, wether it be to get intouch with family more often or to just go out for a walk every now and then because you never know what you might discover when you slow your modern busy life down to a step at a time.


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