Pilgrimage Outcome


The Film

This is my second edit of the Pilgimage film.

Originally I thought it could be displayed in 4 different areas of an exhibition, making the viewer travel to watch each day of my pligrimage. I know I need to edit down the sections to cut down the viewing time as I appreciate that the genral public (due to social media etc) have a short attention span. However, the videos are long to begin with becuse that also reflects my journey; I spent 4 days walking alone to reach a destination, it was similar to the saying, a watched kettle never boils, as I kept counting down the miles on google maps, each day was long and slow. My speed depended on how fast I could walk and I have not trained for this. I jumped in completely blind to see what I may discover.

My outcome (other than the pilgrimage itself) is an instastory reflection of my jouney. All of the videos and photographs, other than the selfie commentary, are images I published live on instagram throughout my journey. I feel this form of documentation, curated with emoji’s is fitting for a fresh, moden-day pilgrimage. What made this journey special was that I took all of the old concepts of a pilgrimage, walking, staying in local houses, navigating the map, keeping a diary of the journey to tell friends when home, and used all modern techniques. Obviously walking is still the same, I used AirBnB and stayed in local houses, Google Maps to navigate my way and my Instastory diary.

To take this futher I will edit down the individual videos and piece them together on one screen so each day syncs together with roughly one talking piece, one moving image, a still image and an emoji. Hopefully the split screen will make the film more interesting to watch and listen to. For presentation I would make the screen low down with a church kneeler (prayer cushion) to be used to watch the story referencing the aim of a pilgrimage in the first place, to journey to a holy place. I hope people can take away something from my journey, wether it be to get intouch with family more often or to just go out for a walk every now and then because you never know what you might discover when you slow your modern busy life down to a step at a time.


Pilgimage Artist inspo

Rosie James 

An artist from Rochester, I came across her while in Rochester. I love sewing and missed my textiles work that I used to do with my freehand setting on the sewing machine. I also loved her take on capturing people on the move, her raw documentation is what draws me to her work. I tried working like her, although in tutorials we decided not to take that route as my insta story documentation was enough. 

Pilgimage Evaluation

To further this project I intend to create an instillation, where people can experience the pilgrimage by watching my instastories in a video with commentary, kind of like an instagram doccumetary. This will be presented on an iPhone (or similar sized screen) with headphones to listen, and people will watch the videos whilst kneeling on a prayer cushion embroiderd with all of the emojies used in the film, in chronological order. A church kneeler that tells the story of my pilgrimage in emojies!

I found this project difficult in many ways, physically and mentally. My feet are still healing from the walk (3/4 days I had constant pain in my feet. Boots ibuprofin doesnt work!). Then afterwards trying to explain what had happened and how best to represent it. They are the things I found most challenging.

I wanted to share the values and lessons I learnt on my walk and convey my experience. However it wasn’t a play, or a written story; it was my life, I lived it. Which means I experienced the whole 78 hours, to condense it was very difficult indeed. I had to be very strict, and in a way perform the narration so the audience could grasp how I felt at the time. There are a lot of vivid memories I had to cut out and many small stories, however, I had to make harsh decisions and only leave the most interesting and important anecdotes in to acompany my instastory footage.

Pilgimage Research

































London Zoo – Evaluation


I’m surprisingly proud of this project. I think the final prints and sculptures came out really professionally. This is something I would be proud to place in my portfolio. Mainly because it is interestingly beautiful. I love the wire technique and how when paper wraps around the wire in the print it prints everything, not just the lines that we see when we look at the wire, but the curves and twists in the finishing also. I love the contrast between the plain emboss and the inked emboss. Personally I prefer the plain because I feel the lack of a black definition helps the paper to continue representing an air of fragility about the animal.

Zoo Final Piece 24

Taking this project further, I would represent it as a hanging instillation. One you could walk through to appreciate both sides of the prints and sculptures. Arranged in rows of wire, then embossed paper, then the inked print. With a column for each creature. And carefully lit to create shadows of the animals.

Zoo Final Piece 69

I thought about having a wire sculpture instillation where the wires are lit in such a way that the shadows represent the animals daily journey in the zoo over 24hours and how much they move, how fast etc… in shadows, so there’s a restricted space movement for the lights to work with, like the animals restrictions in the zoo. This would involve studying the animals movements over a 24 hour period, however, if I wanted this to be a fair representation, I would have to monitor them over a longer period of time and then take the avarage.

I used a wire called gunmetal wire to convey how having a fence around you and being kept in a small space like that has in a way, made the strong hunting animals weak with having a constant food source and no threat from the food chain, all because the were hunted in the first place, and these Zoo’s are trying to protect them. A twisted concept that fits the process of wire sculpture, twisting.


Zoo Final Piece 60

Zoo Final Piece 17

Barbican Evaluation

Overall this project has been enjoyable. I’ve loved all of the exploring and creating, although drawing 400+ images (however fast I drew them) was a mammoth task. I found the urge to refine the lines and shapes hard to resist. I don’t finish sketches often, unless I’ve decided they’re important to final pieces, but I do like my work, once it is finished, to look neat and polished.

This project has been more free to expression, just as the Barbican allows people to express themselves through their lives there. I’ve found lately that my work is quite related to expression, probably derived from an early love of impressionism. I get so much enjoyment from that 19th century art movement, the excitement of new technologies and paint you could take outside. Eventhough their paintings are a lot more precise, the same fast brush strokes and spontanious doccumentation of the surroundings apply to this project.

The things I would improve upon would be to extend the animation by including more of the plantation from the Barbican. I only partly experimented drawing the greenery of the place in my sketch book and decided against including it initially as I felt the plants distracted from the lines of the architecture; although a part of me knew that the plants where the architecture too, I still felt I wasn’t able to capture them in my drawings in a way that blended together with the drawings that had no plants. I believe with more experimentation and time I could find a way to include the nature in the Barbican that would be a good addition to the animation, being able to represent more than the highwalks and rounded building references to the old castle.


Ceryth Wyn Evans – Tate Britain

Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) is the 2017 Tate Britain Commission in which we invite a contemporary British artist to respond to the Duveen Galleries at the heart of Tate Britain.

Ceryth Wyn Evans 1

Ceryth Wyn Evans 2

Ceryth Wyn Evans 3

Ceryth Wyn Evans 5

Ceryth Wyn Evans 6

Ceryth Wyn Evans 7

Ceryth Wyn Evans 8

Ceryth Wyn Evans 9


Ceryth Wyn Evans 10

I heard about this exhibiton through a friend, I saw the photos from their visit and just felt an instant connection with the neon lines; flowing and expressive used in response to a space which architecture is made of straight lines and semi circles (Tate Britain). This is the core of my project, it really connects with my intentions and the brief we were given, “to tell a story of a location through visual means”. I just felt so inspired by the visit, to continue with my line drawings. The way the lights where presented and hung gave an feeling of movement and explosion; I took these values away and thought about how I could use them in my work.