Final Booklet – Part 2

We have submitted our books for moderation and are now left to wait…

I know I could of done so much more if I had just planned my days better, however nothing can be done and I will just have to pay the price of being lazy…

Out of all the experiments and recording my least favourite part is the annotation, I thouroughly detest writing, because of that I always forget to aknowledge my thought process, which, in turn, makes it very hard for the reader/ examiner to underdstand my book, way of thinking and ideas… That has to be the worst thing ever, how can they give marks on something incomprehendable?! Oh deary, deary me… I’m not expecting much of a grade this time round.

But for those who are curious as to what my book looked like, here are some pretty pictures.

xox Much love Holly xox


Final Booklet – Part 1

ISHE – What is it? Project is coming to an end :O

Here is my illustration for the front cover of my book…


Will keep you all updated on my developments as I structure my book 😀

xox Much love Holly xox

Imperial War Museum 1

Victory is in the Kitchen! A little souvenir from the IWM London. Many I have spoken to find it very dull and monotonous, however, I found it quite attractive. Just something about the whole place, I really love. You walk in through large pillars and a grand doorway, air filled with a sense of nostalgia, heritage, and national belonging. Continuing through to a large room filled with planes, trucks, cannons, the whole shabang of vintage war; you think you’ve seen it all in one but the more you look the more you find extra little hidden beauties, scattered throughout the museum.

Here I have two pages on bravery in ordinary people. I really liked the fact the museum encourages bravery and that you don’t have to be famous to be bold and courageous.

The first page is about a man called William Robinson VC. He achieved his Victoria Cross by exploding a German Airship on the 2nd of September 1916, protecting the citizens of London from a whole 32 tons of bombs. This all took place in the sky whilst the people of London watched on from below. Cheers came from the onlookers as the ship fell from the sky, it is said you could hear the whole of London rejoicing and celebrating this one man’s act of service.


Page two consists of a painting by Gilbert Roberts called ‘Gassed’ (1919) I thought the placement of the painting in the museum gallery was very tactical. The whole room is square and white with a nude carpet and small pictures hanging, but the far wall is black with this massive painting on it. The man shown is painted almost life-size with sharp eyes on his mask. It is the first thing you see when walking into the room. When I walked in I literally took a step back in shock! I thought this picture is so powerful and instantly has an impact, it must be good! I have to draw it!  Even as I was sketching I found it hard not to get upset, even just a little. I recommend you go and see it in the IWM, it really was astounding!!!!!!!


Initial sketch before the oil pastels…

Museum Trekker

I have been a very busy bee – so far – and have managed to visit 5 museums in a week!

  1. The Museum of London
  2. The Imperial War Museum
  3. The Museum of Natural History
  4. The Victoria and Albert Museum
  5. The Science Museum

I will probably try and visit one or two more though I have a few favourites already!

*Coming soon* … SKETCHES, I will upload my recent drawings of the various items that catch my eye in the museum. Along with a tale or two of my ventures into London and the rain!