Collaborative Project :2


Part 2 of my project… experiences… Continue reading “Collaborative Project :2”


#hollyscupdoodles No.2

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 14.01.38

Okay. So. Firstly Happy New Year!!! Hope you have had a lovely holiday! All I’ve been doing lately is drawing on more and more cups and I wanted to share my favourites so far, starting with Continue reading “#hollyscupdoodles No.2”



It’s Wednesday!! Which usually means we’ve past the toughest two days of the week, looking onwards and upwards to our beloved weekend. Except for me, my weekend is immediately followed by a presentation of my project to the entire class (all 112 of them), so I can only look forward to a weekend of late nights, no sleep and a lot of work. Continue reading “Mid-Week”

Prince Harry

IMG_3227I love the Royals! A LOT! So when I saw this photo, just after I had been discussing how HRH would be the best royal (if any) to prompte my illustrations… The things I end up discussing! Ha! Any way, I started doodling (very girly and slightly ‘chav-ish’ is what I was going for). ❤

Get on with it then!

IMG_3222So no more moping around… I’ve had my rest now it’s time to get on with other projects. Definitely feeling more determined to work better, manage my time well and produce some substantial, meaningful work.

My Heightened Awareness Project, where we have to be at all times, noticing the unnoticed, finding the insignificant significant etc…

will be posting more of my philosophical findings soon 🙂

Final Booklet – Part 2

We have submitted our books for moderation and are now left to wait…

I know I could of done so much more if I had just planned my days better, however nothing can be done and I will just have to pay the price of being lazy…

Out of all the experiments and recording my least favourite part is the annotation, I thouroughly detest writing, because of that I always forget to aknowledge my thought process, which, in turn, makes it very hard for the reader/ examiner to underdstand my book, way of thinking and ideas… That has to be the worst thing ever, how can they give marks on something incomprehendable?! Oh deary, deary me… I’m not expecting much of a grade this time round.

But for those who are curious as to what my book looked like, here are some pretty pictures.

xox Much love Holly xox

24 Hour Project: Part 2

I finished the project tuesday afternoon at 2 pm! I have been trying to catch up on sleep all week! We were briefed Monday around 2 pm and then released to try and collate ideas where we could express our interpritation as a whole. This took a while… Then we came up with the idea of ‘What happens when technology gets out of hand?’. We then agreed on separate tasks to focus on; mine was exploring the iPhone and we decided to recreate the contense of my phone in real life form, so I made a note pad with a yellow bar on the top for the ‘Notes’ app etc… This was our final display.


 From left to right on the wall, Harry – story board, Ernest – info graphic, Sunny – app poster, Amy – story board. The things on the table where what I did.


On the table are my real life versions of apps…

(from left to right again)

You Tube,  Safari,  iBooks,  Facebook,

Twitter,  Snapchat,  Calculator,  Pinterest,

Clock,  Instagram,  Notes,  Maps,

Message,  Phone,  Camera,  Music

This took FOREVER! (all of the 24 hours)


xox Much love Holly xox

I Remember

This week we looked at the works of Joe Brainard and his ‘I remember’ book.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 13.21.47

We were read a few of his little, erm ‘poems’? [I guess]. Then we used the way he wrote mini memories to write our own about the recent visits to the museums. With our newly formed remembrances, we then (of course) illustrated them in a small paper book. A mini book for our mini memories!

IMG_8426 IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8429 IMG_8431

The first and last page where illustrated with my opposite hand, and we were very time constricted! Though it was good fun making our own little books and discovering you can annotate in more creative ways. Loved it!

* The memories that didn’t make the book*

I remember the beautiful cinema chairs in the Museum of London.

I remember climbing a lot, and I mean A LOT of stairs

I remember spilling my coffee on my drawing – the Dodo one!!!

I remember the amazing architecture of the ancient museum buildings